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Walk In (Build) Events

These events require that teams signup for a specific time slot during the tournament to allow adequate time for all teams to participate. The signup sheet will be available 3 weeks prior to the tournament and close one week prior to the tournament date.

Only individuals assigned as coaches from each school may signup for walk in events.

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Team Spirit

Although some events in the Science Olympiad are based on individual achievement, all events involve teamwork, group planning, and cooperation. That is the real essence of the Science Olympiad. Our emphasis is on advanced learning in science through active, hands-on, group participation. Through the Olympiad, students, teachers, coaches, principals, business leaders, and parents work together as a team toward common goals.

We would like to provide an alternative to the "isolated scientist" stereotype and remind students that science can be fun, exciting, and challenging all at the same time. In college and beyond, students will find that the team spirit and good sportsmanship they develop during Science Olympiad will be deciding factors in their success.

Types of Events

Events in the Science Olympiad have been designed to recognize the wide variety of skills that students possess. While some events require knowledge of scientific facts and concepts, others rely on science processes, skills or applications. This ensures that everyone can participate, including students from technology classes or advanced science classes.

  • Lab based events are those like Chemistry Lab, Forensics, or Can't Judge A Powder By Its Color, which require students to complete a lab activity during the competition.

  • Research based events are those events like Anatomy, Disease Detectives, and Fossils which encourage students to prepare research materials prior to the competition and use them in the event.

  • Pre-built events are engineering competitions in which students build a device to accomplish a task or goal, and the device is tested onsite at the competition.


Science Olympiad events meet National Science Standards set by the National Research Council. Teachers searching for curriculum resources that illustrate standards in action have found success with Science Olympiad, for it emphasizes the close relationship between teaching and assessment. Science Olympiad highlights many of the elements of the Teaching Standards, Assessment Standards, Program Standards and Science Education System Standards.

Science Olympiad events meet Maryland State Core Learning Goals and their Expectations

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