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MSO New Region Definitions

MSO New Region Definitions

We are excited to announce that starting this season, MSO will begin defining new Regions for competing teams in Maryland.

Starting with the 2019-20 season, we will execute the assignment of “Eastern” and “Western” Regions to high schools (Div. C) formerly a part of the “Central” MD and have each region compete in their own Regional. In 2020-21, we will do the same with middle schools (Div. B).**

Regions are a standard part of Science Olympiad in many parts of the country and actually aren’t new to Maryland as Baltimore City middle schools have competed in their own Regional for years as part of our Urban School Initiative. Up until this point, most teams in Maryland would compete in the same and usually large Regional, so any team that advanced to States would just be competing against a subset of the same group of schools. The introduction of true Regions will provide a true tournament progression as the State Tournament won’t just be a pared down version of the Regional. They will allow for smaller tournaments, providing a better experience for all teams, coaches, and volunteers. In addition, they will allow for us to utilize more host sites closer to more schools instead of being restricted to enormous locations with large tournament footprints.

How it will work:

MSO Registration for 2019-20 Now Open!

Welcome to the official kickoff for the Maryland Science Olympiad 2019-2020 season!

This email signifies the official opening of registration for the upcoming MSO season! We have been working hard all summer to prepare for today, and we hope you are as excited for the start of another Science Olympiad season as we are!

Registration for the upcoming season will run from today (September 9) until December 20, 2019. Costs will be the same as last year ($360 for first team, $250 for additional, maximum of 3 teams per school).

A few new things to share as we get started:

  • Our registration system has changed. We will be using the Scilympiad platform for registration this year, which is being adapted by many states across the country. You can access it by following the ‘Registration’ link on our website,, or you can go directly to the registration page at (Note: Scilympiad is currently only being used for registration purposes, please keep track of the main MSO website for the bulk of updates and information as the season progresses.)


  • We are grateful to have Richard Montgomery HS as a new Regional tournament host this year. This is in addition to last year’s hosts (Montgomery College- Germantown, Morgan State, Mt. Hebron, and of course Johns Hopkins University) who are all returning, and we are grateful that all tournaments have been scheduled to start the year (see online for tournament dates).


  • The additional tournament means we will begin the process of defining new Regions in Maryland and splitting our tournament fields. The Div. C Regional competitors will have new Region assignments this year (2019-20), and Div. B will be split next year (2020-21). Information has been posted online and we will also send a follow-up email to highlight which Regional your school will be assigned to.


Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you and your students join us for another exciting season in Maryland Science Olympiad!

Title: 2019-20 Registration to open September 9, 2019

Coaches, Parents and Participants,


We are gearing up to open registration for the 2020 MSO season on September 9, 2019. As we roll out changes to the website, you may have noticed that we have scheduled an additional Regional this year. With this additional tournament, we will be looking to split tournament fields and reduce overall tournament sizes, providing a better experience for all participants as well as allowing for more participation in the future. More details will be coming in a few days about how this will work, so hold tight, and keep an eye on this site and social media for updates! 

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